“Working with Sarah Andrus is like working with a swiss army knife of career coaching. She has many tools and resources to offer. Ultimately, she helped me figure out what it is that I really wanted from my career and then gave me tools, hints and tricks on how to go out and get it. Along with that process I also received her unwavering support. I really enjoyed her professionalism, her quick thinking and her ability to relate to me on many different levels. I would highly recommend working with her because she brings a level of focus to your career search that is top notch. I am glad I made the choice to work with her.” 

Darcy D.

Kari GormleyHost, The Running LIfestyle Show Podcast

Going through the process of being laid off can be very traumatic. It was for me. Luckily, after just a few weeks of being unemployed, a mutual friend told me I should meet Sarah. I had never used a career coach before, and wasn’t really sure what they did. Sarah’s warm personality and compassionate approach made it easy to trust her right away. Previously in her career she had worked for several large companies, met with much success, and yet knew first-hand what it feels like to get laid off.

My first task was to take the Birkman Assessment. Sarah and I went over the results and I re-discovered several things about myself that I had lost over 15 years of working for the same company. Sarah helped me to take inventory of my skills and my passions which put me on a completely different career path. She gave me homework after every meeting, which added much needed structure to my week. After several sessions with Sarah I felt back on my feet again and full of confidence to start the next chapter of my career.

I currently split my time between academic research and being the owner of a small chemical consulting business. I’m happier than I’ve been in at least a decade, and I owe a large debt to Sarah for helping me navigate through this time of disequilibrium.

Chris J.Wilmington, DE

At our first meeting, I was moved by Sarah’s warmth, powerful questions, and incredible insight. The very first exercise she gave me opened me up to a world of new possibilities, and I’ve been thinking about my skills and gifts differently ever since.  Sarah’s guidance has been invaluable in my career change.

Jeannie StithVoice Over Artist

I came to Sarah as a working adult with minimal college education in my background. My hope was to get some clear answers about what to do next. Sarah didn’t give me answers; she gave me tools, which has been much more valuable. As we worked together, she helped me to assess and identify my interests, motivations, goals, and skills. Sarah then referenced these things in our meetings as she introduced methods to apply this information to my plans.

When I came to Sarah, I felt as though I was “all over the place” in possibilities and ideas. The possibilities are still there, but I am much more organized and focused in how to approach them. 

There’s only so much that Googling can do for a person when one is exploring career options. Sarah, with patience, organization, and expertise, helps her clients to navigate the possibilities and leaves them able to continue the journey on their own. I am very grateful for her guidance and have gladly referred friends and colleagues to her. She will be the person I turn to if I am considering a career change again in the future!

Matthia McCrackenNon-profit Administrator