So, you’ve put out some applications, maybe a lot of them. And you haven’t heard anything. Or a recruiter called you. You had what you thought was a great conversation and then…nothing.

Did you know that 6 months ago recruiters were complaining that job candidates were ghosting them? It’s true – and laughable when we all know that recruiters are the original ghosters!

Of course, the world has changed and today anyone who is seriously looking for a new job needs to be very intentional and follow up on every single application.  But, I hear you already… you don’t want to be annoying, you don’t want to bother anyone.

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! In no particular order, here are just a few ways to follow up that will get you noticed in a good way:

  1. Do some sleuthing on LinkedIn to figure out who the hiring manager is, and connect with them on LinkedIn. Let them know you’ve applied and would love to learn more about the role. They may recognize your name when they see your resume.
  2. Use an email lookup service (there are many free ones!) to email the hiring manager directly with your resume. Be sure to say you applied online, but didn’t want your resume lost in cyberspace.
  3. Call HR, give your name, and very nicely ask about the status of the search. Make a friend, they may remember you!
  4. Connect with a near-peer or peer on LinkedIn who is in the role you want. Let them know you’ve applied, and ask them how they like working in that role for that company. 

The key here is two-fold: First, name recognition RULES in this process. Second, polite professional enthusiasm makes a great impression.