Getting that call or text from a client telling me that they just landed the job they really wanted? That makes my day!

It’s also an opportunity for insight – what went right here?  So often we are tempted to focus on the roles that don’t come through and examine every minutiae to determine where we went wrong.

It is equally, and perhaps more valuable, to look at what people who are getting the jobs are doing right.

Curious? It’s not rocket science, but I thought it might be helpful to put some commonalities all in one list:
  1. Persistence. These folks were relentless. They kept up their momentum, and continued even in the face of disappointment and rejection.
  2. Focus. Rather than taking a “spray and pray” approach to applications, they maintained a very clear and relatively narrow focus on specific roles and targeted employers.
  3. Networking. They combined every single application with a concerted effort to reach out to people at each company, even when they were strangers. (And people responded!). They asked thoughtful questions to find out if the company and the role would be a good fit.
  4. Preparation. They put hours in to make sure they were interview-ready. This meant researching likely interview questions, and practicing their answers aloud, recording themselves, and making adjustments.
  5. Appreciation. Every person they spoke with – in networking or an interview – got a thank you note.
  6. Follow Up. They asked about the search time frame and inquired if they didn’t hear back. Their communication was positive and expressed continued interest in the role.
Simple? YES. Easy? No. Worth the effort? Absolutely!! Seriously, there is no half-way. To get the job, you’ve got to go all in.


Cheers to your career!

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