I’m often asked, “Sarah, if you could give people one piece of advice when it comes to finding a job that’s a good fit, what would you say?”

My answer is always some twist on the same idea: You don’t have to play by someone else’s rules. What I mean is that a lot of folks – who mean well – are going to give you plenty of advice (including me!). Ultimately the voice that matters, the voice you really have to listen to, is your own.

But what if your voice says, “I don’t know what to do?” I get it, and I would propose that what you are really saying is “What if I’m not sure?” Because that’s what we really want. We want to be 100% certain. We want all doubt removed. We want to KNOW. The difficult truth is that knowing – truly knowing what’s right for your career – can only come from trial, and error.

For more on how to navigate the awkwardness of not knowing, have a listen to the TEDx talk I just gave.


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