About Me

Taking risks can be a transforming experience.  I know this from my own personal experience, and from watching others grow personally and professionally as they take on the challenge of trying something new.  Whether it’s a first job, a career change, or a new employer these changes can be daunting and it helps to have guide.

My philosophy is that we each have a “portfolio” of knowledge, skills, talents and traits that we carry with us wherever we go.  Like a stock portfolio, we should invest our career portfolio wisely.  And, like a stock portfolio, the security/risk balance is different for each of us.

While I have always helped others reached their career goals “on the side,” I made the leap from a high-stress, high-demand executive marketing role to my own entrepreneurial venture three years ago.  I’ve never looked back. It’s rewarding to help my clients discover how to they can apply their gifts in a variety of roles and watch them light up as they realize, “Yes!  I can really do this!”

We get there together through facilitated self-exploration and a deep dive into how to identify and land jobs that are rarely advertised.  I bring more than 20 years of experience on both sides of the recruiting process – both as a career counselor and as a recruiter – to the table.  This includes sharing nuances about preparing for interviews and navigating the ever-changing online application process. Learn more here.

More About Sarah

Now the more typical details about me:  Before starting my career coaching business, I served as Vice President of Marketing for Dove Chocolate Discoveries, the direct selling division of Mars Chocolate and as Director of External Relations and Academic Programs, for Vector Marketing, the company that sells Cutco Cutlery. Under my leadership, Vector became one of the largest private recruiters of college students in the US.  And, because I am a career geek, I personally counseled hundreds of those students as they pursued their early careers.

Prior to joining Vector, I had several roles in Student Services and Career Counseling at the University of Maryland and Widener University, placing nearly 1,000 college students in part-time and permanent positions.

My Master’s Degree is in Adult Development and Education.  I’m one of the few people who can actually say I use what I learned in grad school every day!