Lately, I’ve been noticing a lot of judging going on. A lot. And not just judging, pre-judging. It looks like this: You hear about an opening at a company whose name you don’t recognize (judgment). It seems like a small organization (judgment). You don’t like or aren’t clear on the title (judgment).

Or the manager answers his own phone (sketchy?). Or the manager doesn’t pick up at all (sketchy?). It’s in a really random location (sketchy?). Etc…

One of my clients just got herself all wrapped up in knots trying to guess about what her schedule might be before she’d even been on an interview!

This type of reaction to what could be a great opportunity comes from two places: First, unemployment is very low, and you know you have options. Second, you are understandably fearful about the unknown. Makes sense.

What doesn’t make sense though is letting go of a possibility without complete information. Let’s take that small company you’ve never heard of as an example. They could be an amazing start-up and offer you the chance to do things a more traditional company wouldn’t let you touch because you’re not yet an expert.

Planning ahead and doing research is smart, because of course you don’t want to waste your time. But it is also smart to look at the application process and the interview itself as important research. They may validate your assumptions. Or you may find a gem of a job where you can really have an impact that everyone else has overlooked.


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