Have you ever found yourself working round the clock, checking and responding to emails at all hours, or feeling guilty if you decide to take a bit of a break after an intense and productive effort on a project?

I have. And I’ve learned that while loyalty is admirable – it can also be destructive.

As social animals we tend to bond very tightly with the people and organizations we serve, evoking an outsized devotion that can keep us stuck. In fact, companies count on that. It’s why there is so much attention on engagement, because companies know that the more engaged we are, the lower the turnover.

What’s wrong with that, you may ask? Isn’t it a win-win?

Nope. Because the stories you tell yourself – like you’ll never find a boss as flexible, or you’ll be leaving all of your friends – can keep you from continuing to grow, learn, and contribute in meaningful ways.


If you are doing the same work for five years, that’s not always five years of experience. It could be one or two years because once you have mastered your role, the learning curve stalls.

So, I have a newsflash for you: The job market in many fields is booming again. Employers are responding to all kinds of requests for flexibility, money, and benefits.

In the last several weeks, two clients got new jobs and negotiated more money, promotions, and the perks they really wanted. They found out there was actually something better out there for them. Maybe there is something better out there for you too!

Cheers to your career!

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