The subject line of this email is the First Agreement of The Four Agreements, an inspirational book by Don Miguel Ruiz.

I was reminded of the importance of being impeccable with our words when one of my clients recently texted me the following:

“_____ (name of the company) just rejected me.”

I read the text and thought, “Did they? Did they reject you?”

In fact, the company did not REJECT her. And they also did not reject HER. The only conclusion to be drawn from the automated email she received is this:


The computer software programmed to scan resumes
and identify candidates for the role
didn’t recognize her qualifications.

That’s all we know. Is this merely semantics? No. Our words matter. If you decide you’ve been “rejected” every time you receive an automated email in response to an online application, you are attributing a discerning human behavior to computer software. The software doesn’t care, and you will end up actually feeling rejected, which can have a terrible impact over time on your attitude and motivation.

To truly reject you, someone, a person, would have to closely evaluate you, in your fullness, and get to know you a bit!

Instead of hearing a rejection, I recommend that you hear “Oh, I need to try something else to highlight what I offer.” If you are interested in the role and the company, why not try approaching the response as a puzzle to be solved? What could you tweak? Who could you talk to?

It’s absolutely fine to apply again! No one will care, and if they notice, they will be encouraged and curious about your persistence. That’s a good thing!

Overall, please watch how you talk to yourself. Choose your words carefully. Be kind to you – you deserve it!

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