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Career Coaching for every stage of your professional life

Let's connect

Career Coaching for every stage of your professional life

Hey there.

If you’re visiting this page, my hunch is that you could use some help. There are all sorts of reasons why people get in touch with me.

I’ve spent my career immersed in other people’s careers – as a career counselor, a recruiter and a hiring manager – and I’m committed to helping my clients break through the barriers and find work that provides enduring satisfaction and reward. 

There shouldn’t be a “special secret sauce” that gets some people ahead in their careers, while others – often more talented – find themselves stalled.

The good news is I can help and our first conversation is always free. Wondering why I don’t charge? I don’t mind telling you. I write my blog to pull back the curtain and let the light shine on the basic elements of job hunting because I don’t think it should be a secret. I do a complimentary introductory call for the same reason. If I can help you with some easy and quick suggestions based on our conversation, I’m going to do that because people helped me along the way.

And, if it sounds like you need more support than I can provide in a quick call, I’ll tell you how we can work together to achieve your goals. I’ll be transparent about my process, my results, and my fees so that you have everything you need to determine if career coaching is right for you. Our call will also give me the chance to decide if I think working together would be mutually beneficial. If I don’t think it’s a fit, I’ll let you know and give you some recommendations on next steps.

Regardless, my promise to you is that you’ll leave the call understanding more about the road ahead than you did before.

So book a call today – there’s not a single good reason not to.

If you’d like to contact me about speaking opportunities, or other engagements, please feel free to email me directly at sarah@avarahcareers.com. I generally respond within 24 hours.


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