If that voice in your head is screaming “I need a new job!!” 

It’s time for a

If your career has stalled, if you are underemployed or unemployed, or if you are working in a toxic environment, it’s costing you…

Emotionally, physically, and financially.

it’s time to make a change!

If you’ve started, and restarted your job search, you’ve probably found yourself wishing there was a proven, step-by-step blueprint that showed you exactly how to land a better, more satisfying job without the usual stress, hours wasted on job boards, or stuck in a cycle of starting and stalling your job search…

If you knew that there was a better way, would you abandon what you’ve been doing (the stuff that hasn’t gotten you to where you want to be) and follow the steps in that blueprint instead?

Of course you would!

Are you one of the MILLIONS of people
who need or want a better job?

And are you spending hours of your time searching through online job boards, trying to decipher job postings, looking endlessly for something that sparks your interest? Are you getting dejected as you read through long lists of qualifications and beginning to wonder whether there’s anything out there for you? Perhaps you’ve applied for jobs over and over again. Only to hear nothing. Crickets. 

There has got to be a better way, right?

There is!

LinkedIn research tells us that 85% of the people who found new jobs last year found them through a real life connection.


of people who found new jobs last year found them through a REAL LIFE connection

The sad truth is each time you hit submit, you are sending your talent, your skills, and your abilities, along with your time and energy into the enormous soul-sucking black hole that is the online job application system.

And, finding job openings is just one part of a successful job search.

And most of us aren’t even aware of the other pieces.

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

When you started the job, it was exciting! You were attracted to the company’s culture and opportunities for growth. There were good benefits and flexibility that you hoped would give you time for you.

You could see a future with this company, and the people seemed great.

But that was then.

Cutbacks mean you’re doing the work of several people. And the increased responsibilities didn’t come with an increase in salary or title.

And those opportunities for growth that once looked so promising? They’ve turned into a glass ceiling or are blocked by other circumstances.

You sense there must be something better out there, but you’ve looked around and can’t find anything, at least not so far.

You’re not sure how much longer you can take this. Something has to change.

Or maybe this is more your story…

You started your career after graduation in a role that looked like it would be a great fit. But as you’ve gotten into the job itself, you realize it’s not what you wanted.

What was I thinking?

Maybe you were under the pressure of finding a job, or making a career decision, and you went with what looked like it could work. Especially when we’re early in our career, or are still learning about our work style, preferences, skills and abilities, that can happen. And, the truth is, you’re not enjoying the work and suspect that you’d be happier doing something else.

But, maybe you’re not sure how to transfer your skills to a role that’s a better fit. How do you prove you can do that over there because you’ve done this thing you’re doing now? You’ve been searching for a while and haven’t gotten even a single interview. You feel stuck.

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Whether it’s something like these familiar stories, or a new boss, merger, layoff, or a toxic environment, it’s time for a …


As a smart, capable person who has put in so much effort to create a satisfying career, isn’t it about time you actually got an offer, a promotion, a new opportunity?

The answer is “Yes.”

You deserve…


...to be employed at work that feels good, uses your skills and talents and provides opportunities for growth



...to find that next opportunity without it taking up every free minute or making you feel guilty if you aren’t looking in every spare minute.



...to know the secrets to job hunting success that only those on the “inside” of the hiring game know.


The Good News is…

Finding and landing a better position isn’t impossible and you don’t have to know exactly what you want before you start your search.

How do I know? I’ve spent my whole career immersed in other people’s careers…

My name is Sarah Baker Andrus, and I’m the Founder and CEO of Avarah Careers. I’ve been on all sides of the hiring equation, serving as a recruiting director, a hiring manager, and a career counselor. And, I’ve worked for a variety of organizations – from a Fortune 500 company, a family-owned large business, non-profits, and academia – so I’ve seen it all when it comes to the recruiting process, and how it works from the inside.

You know what I love? Helping people figure out what kind of work will make them jump out of bed in the morning! And, I’ve seen it all, so I know how to help you navigate through the job market and land that job you really want. My favorite days?  When a client calls and says, “I got the offer!”

After spending more than 20 years as a corporate executive, I started Avarah so I could have more of those truly great days and help others have them too. That includes mid-career professionals looking to make jump, people who know they have to make a change (looming layoff, toxic boss, etc.), and people who want to transfer their skills to something new and maybe entirely different! 

I’ve got two grown sons, for whom I hope I was a good role model of a working mother. I confess that I’m secretly thrilled when they ask for career advice! And, I’m forever grateful that my husband Brian is an amazing partner, and shares my love of good food, wine and running through Delaware’s beautiful parks.

If you’re here, one thing I know about you is that you realize what you’ve been doing so far, by yourself, isn’t the best use of your time and resources AND it’s not going to get you that perfect opportunity.

I promise you that using my Career Breakthrough strategies and insider secrets will not only get you that interview faster and with less stress, but you’ll also be able to:


Identify your skills so you can talk about them with confidence



Organize your job search to stay on track and focused



Recognize and overcome barriers that are keeping you from achieving your professional goals



Know which questions to ask yourself to identify the perfect next opportunity



Reach out—the right way— to connections who can help you uncover unadvertised jobs



Leverage your connections in a comfortable way that makes them grateful they helped you in your search with an approach that’s win-win



Ditch online submission roulette and replace it with a targeted approach



Use your definition of an ideal job to help you negotiate for what you want in your next role



Create communication - emails, follow-ups, thank yous, etc. - that is professional and proven



Read a job posting and determine immediately if it’s for you and, if it is, how to position yourself as a great candidate for the role



Uncover companies that could be a great fit and put yourself in a position to be considered for a job before it is ever advertised



Make yourself the candidate that the hiring manager wants before interviews even begin


These outcomes are 100% possible for you, no matter how long you’ve been looking or whether you have just started to look…

…but they will require you to let go of outdated ideas and implement a step-by-step approach.

One that makes use of proven and up-to-date tactics and actions while ditching all of the time-wasting, confidence dousing activities that kill momentum.

One that’s been my secret weapon for helping hundreds of people just like you get the offers they dream of without stress or fear of “doing it wrong” no matter what their situation.


One that you’ll look back on in a few months as you dress for that successful first day in your new gig as the one thing that changed everything.

And if you’re still with me,
then I couldn’t be more excited to share the,
6-Week Career Breakthrough Master Class.

A 6-week online training with live Q & A sessions designed to teach you all of what’s working now to find and land the perfect next opportunity and guarantees you’ll have all the tools you need to speak confidently about who you really are, how to leverage connections, and what real job searching looks like.

We’ll begin with YOU!


Exclusive access to
The Birkman Assessment

Not just another assessment…

The Birkman Method reaches further into personality than any other assessment, allowing for individuals to truly understand not only who you are, but what you need in the workplace.

It is used by Fortune 50 companies and many branches of the US government to help them develop leaders and determine career paths for their most promising employees.

And, it is the single most powerful tool you can have to impact your interviewing skills, by generating questions YOU can ask prospective employers to ensure it’s an organization where you can thrive.

I will give you the Birkman Assessment and include a personal one-on-one consultation to review your results. That’s a $325 value.

AND, Here’s what we’ll cover week-by-week 

Module 1 : Know

Who are you and what do you want?

This is one area most people overlook and it’s why so many people end up in or in a company whose culture feels like a foreign land. Instead, we begin with becoming an expert in YOU. And, you’ll identify the job and work environment that will allow you and your career to thrive. This module will set you up for success in the rest of the course, and in your career.

Module 2 : Mindset

Busting through fear and building confidence

What’s the single thing that stands between most job hunters and the job of their dreams? MINDSET. So, your success  in your job search starts in the mind. Many people sell themselves short when they consider their job options, out of a fear of rejection. That’s understandable, but it’s also thinking way too small and over time it will take a toll on your opportunities and your income. This week is all about thinking bigger so you can for what you really want and ask with confidence.

Module 3 : Choice

Do I want to work here?

This week we’ll take what you learned about yourself, along with a fresh mindset, and create a working list of target job roles and potential employers. You’ll learn the very best ways to use online resources to identify places you’d like to work (hint: it’s not job boards!). You’ll learn the simple, smart ways savvy job hunters uncover companies that are hiring and locate organizations that aren’t on anyone’s radar. And, most important, I’ll show you exactly how to determine whether the company culture and day-to-day work environment are the right fit for you.

Module 4 : Brand

Your professional presence

Do you ever wish someone would just tell you the truth about why you didn’t get called for an interview? The most common reason people don’t get to that stage is NOT that they aren’t qualified. It’s that they didn’t know how to present their qualifications in the right way. We’ll look at every detail of your professional brand – your resume, LinkedIn profile and your online presence – to make sure they authentically represent you and what you have to offer. This isn’t cookie-cutter stuff, this is personal and adapted to your style and personality.

Module 5 : Connect

Meeting, talking and making connections

With your professional presence polished, you’ll be ready to put everything you’ve learned to the test by reaching out to people in a position to help you with your search. This is where most job hunters get stuck – and you’re going to learn exactly how to overcome the obstacles that stop others in their tracks and stall their search. We’re going to cover exactly what to say that will have people agreeing happily to talk to you. You’ll learn how to have career conversations, focus on what matters, and make people eager to help you with your job search.

Module 6 : Win

Making applications and following up

This week we pull it all together. You’ll learn—and start working on—how to create a BEAST application that you can get in front of managers who are hiring right now. The BEAST application is a wholly different way of applying for a job – the Career Breakthrough way. It’s Bold. It’s Effective. It’s Anticipated. It’s Smart. It’s Targeted. Now that may seem like a lot right now. But everything we’ve covered up to now has prepared for this!

And, you’ll also get….

The Career Breakthrough Handbook
Your Indispensable Guide to Landing Your Next Job

This workbook is designed to keep you ON TRACK and moving forward!

Here’s what’s inside:


The same guidance that has helped 100s of my clients – people just like you – achieve their goals


A targeted job search action plan that will guide you through every step of the process


Email templates and language suggestions that work – so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, or try to figure out what to say, when the stakes are high


Sample language for cover letters, thank-yous, and follow-up messages


Exercises to help you pinpoint exactly what you are looking for


Tools for keeping you focused and on track

And, it will take you through a super simple format that will help you answer the Tell Me About Yourself questions with ease and confidence that you’ve never had before.

You’ll learn how to identify the skills and personal traits that make you a great candidate for the job you want.

And, you’ll learn insider secrets to leveraging your LinkedIn page to get attention from recruiters looking for people like you.

In addition to all of this…

We will be together weekly for a live review and Q & A session. That’s 6 live sessions! During these calls we’ll review your progress, answer your questions, and discuss your challenges. I will make sure you get the help and support you need.

These calls will keep you moving forward, and and give you the chance to address your specific situation and get the support you need to make progress.  

Plus, You’ll Receive…


A Custom Resumé Review

The simplest of errors like a typo or the wrong formatting can take a great candidate out of the running. And, our review will ensure that the style and format of your resumé is aligned with your chosen industry, and who you are as a candidate.

With a custom resumé review, you can stop worrying and not have to rely on your friends who, let’s face it, aren’t career professionals.

LinkedIn Profile Review

If you’re going to conduct a serious job search in today’s market, LinkedIn is critical.

Recruiters are checking the resumés they receive against a candidate’s LinkedIn profile. If your resumé bears little resemblance to it’s powerful cousin, your LI profile, you have a problem. A poor choice of profile photo, an incomplete page, and inconsistencies in your messaging just make it easy for the recruiter to move on.

As a participant in this course, you’ll have peace of mind knowing exactly what changes can improve your profile, how settings can impact your visibility to recruiters, and how to make a great impression using the options that LinkedIn provides.

When you add it all together, the real world value of what you’ll get with your career breakthrough is $5375.

Here is what’s included:


6 Module Master Class - $3000



The Birkman Method Assessment and Review - $325


The Career Breakthrough Workbook - $250


6 Live Weekly Group Coaching Calls - $1200



Custom Resumé Review - $300



LinkedIn Profile Review - $300



Facebook Support Group - priceless!


TOTAL = $5375

But because that would be way out of reach for most peoople, and I am committed to helping as many people as humanly possible reach their career goals, I’m happy to invite you to join today at a special price.

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Plus, you are backed by…

A full 30-day learn it, work it, and apply it, money back Career Breakthrough Guarantee!

Still not sure?….

Remembering disappointment with other training programs you’ve taken?

Never taken an online training course and worried it might not be all that it promised?

Let me make this easy for you.

I want you to get from where you are to where you want to be and do it in less time and with a greater chance of success than you can alone.

I want you to spend a full 30 days with the materials. That’s right, you get full access to Career Breakthrough without a care in the world. Immerse yourself in the program, do the exercises, implement the blueprint, and grow in confidence so that you can find and land that perfect next opportunity.

If you decide it’s not for you, no problem, just let us know and we’ll gladly refund your entire purchase.

We recognize that Avarah Careers cannot be everything to everybody. There are no qualifications, no jumping through hoops. Just email us at admin@avarahcareers.com and tell us you want a refund.

Join now for 1 easy payment of


And don’t forget this investment comes with my iron-clad, 30-day money back guarantee. It’s risk free.

So in closing, here’s why you need The Career Breakthrough…

You know you need to make a career move and find yourself completely frustrated by the process or not even sure where to start.

You can see the truth in what I said in the beginning, that every day you spend in the wrong position, job, in a toxic work environment, or out of work costs you emotionally, physically, and financially.

No one ever says, “Gee, I wish I had waited longer 
so I could be that much more miserable at work!” 

In fact, everyone who goes through this process wishes they had gotten started sooner.


With the click of the button below you will be guaranteed one of the seats for this small, intimate group of job seekers who are smart enough to see an opportunity and grab it.

I look forward to working with you and want you to know that I will be with you every week to keep you moving forward, give you direction, answer your questions and ensure you get where you want to go in less time, with less stress, and with a greater chance of success than you can alone.


I’ve downloaded a lot of good information from other career sites, how is this going to be different?

Free information can only take you so far. It’s written for the broadest possible appeal and likely doesn’t address your specific needs. Plus, free online information doesn’t come with the expert giving you one on one coaching like you’ll get by participating in the Career Breakthrough.

You live in DE, will what you are teaching work anywhere?

I’ve been working with clients all over the US and Canada for years. The strategies we’re talking about in Career Breakthrough apply anywhere because they are fundamental to human nature and represent the very best practices in job hunting no matter where you are. Sure, the economics vary from region to region, and we actually address how to handle that in the course (it’s covered in week #3!).

I’m already working and spending too many hours on my job search, I don’t think I have time

Without a step-by-step plan it’s easy to waste time and get discouraged. What you’ll learn in Career Breakthrough will save you time by showing you exactly what to do and in what order so that you spend the least amount of time and get the results you deserve.

What if there are no jobs out there for me?

So glad you asked! You have a choice to believe a) there are no jobs for you; or b) there are jobs for you, and you can find them by changing the way you are looking. Which one you choose will likely determine your outcome.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes and it’s a 30 day, money back, no questions asked guarantee.

I want you to get from where you are to where you want to be and do it in less time and with a greater chance of success than you can alone.

I want you to spend a full 30 days with the materials. That’s right, you get full access to Career Breakthrough without a care in the world. Immerse yourself in the program, do the exercises, implement the blueprint, and grow in confidence so that you can find and land that perfect next opportunity.

If you decide it’s not for you, no problem, just let us know and we’ll gladly refund your entire purchase. We recognize that Avarah Careers cannot be everything to everybody. There are no qualifications, no jumping through hoops. Just email us at admin@avarahcareers.com and tell us you want a refund.

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