When it comes to interviewing, most of us focus on the prep – and rightly so!

Still, did you know there are a few important things we can do during and after the interview that can make a big difference, both in how you navigate the immediate interview process, and how you handle the others in your future?

Here are some game-changing tips you should try in your next interview:

  1. Turn the interview into a conversation. Up your interviewer’s engagement (which increases “Likeability”) by ending your answers with a question about their question. For example, at the end of your answer to a question about your project management skills, you can ask, “What project management software do you use here?” or “How much of the time in this role is spent on project management activities?”
  2. Write down every question you are asked. This will build a bank of questions you can review in future interviews.
  3. Make note of every question you had trouble with, including how you answered it, and how you would answer it differently if asked again.
  4. Get the full names of everyone you interviewed with and their email addresses. You will need them for thank you notes!
  5. Always, always, always ask about the next steps and timeline for the interview process. This will help you know when you might expect to hear from them, and give you a structure for following up.

The point here is to keep in mind that the interview itself doesn’t end when it’s over. You have a great opportunity to learn from it.

Cheers to your career!

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