Have you been wondering if it’s time to find a new job or maybe even look at a new career?

For most of us it’s a difficult and even scary thing to consider. It sure would be easier if we could be 100% sure wouldn’t it?

While I can’t promise you that, I do have some questions that may help you get closer to an answer. For each, consider Yes or No (no maybes!).

  1. Do you have energy as you go to work most days?
  2. Do you like most of your coworkers and feel accepted for who you are?
  3. Could you see yourself in this role for one year or more?
  4. Are you learning and continuing to gain skills and experience that will serve you in the long term?
  5. Do you find the work personally satisfying?
  6. Are the goals of your employer aligned with your values?
  7. Do you have a good working relationship with your direct supervisor?
  8. Is it a positive work environment?
  9. Do you see a next step for you to advance within the organization?

If you answered “NO” to 4 or more of the questions above, it’s definitely time to start exploring your options. Even one of these factors – depending on its impact on you (like a miserable relationship with your boss) can create a bad situation.

The fact is that if you’re in an environment where there’s no room to grow, or you don’t like your co-workers, or you’re doing work that’s soul-sucking – even if everything else is “okay,” – you may be putting your career at risk.

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