If you’ve experienced unexpected bumps in your career journey, and you want to run your own successful business, you’ll want to hear how I turned a bad situation into a successful business that I love. The brilliant David Shriner-Cahn of “Going Solo” and I recently had a very worthwhile discussion: 

  • What makes it really hard to plan the next move [02:23]
  • An introspective experience that helps you do what you do [05:25]
  • Why you should say “no” to temporary gigs and interim roles [06:55]
  • What to call yourself during the period of self-reflection [09:54]
  • The only career decision we will ever make [12:35]
  • A massive gap between reality versus structure [14:53]
  • Skills hidden in high point stories of achievement [15:47]
  • A commitment is not just the hours [19:31]

Have a listen.

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