Have you ever had the privilege of a front row seat? Whether it’s a concert, a sporting event, Broadway, or your child’s recital, where we sit changes our experience.

If you’ve sat near the back at a concert you may sense that the folks up front are having great fun, and if you’ve ever been up front you know it can transform everything.

I was first introduced to this concept by my friend Jon Vroman – the founder of the Front Row Foundation and host of one of my favorite podcasts, The Front Row Factor.

In a past life, Jon and I worked together at a great company. He’d be the first to tell you that he had a great job, amazing benefits, travel, etc. It sure looked glamorous. But Jon had this dream of doing something more – a dream of giving back and a belief that by contributing more, he could live a life with deeper meaning and purpose.

He took a leap into the unknown, quit his job, and founded The Front Row Foundation, whose mission is to help individuals and families who are braving critical health challenges “live life in the front row™”.

Jon also inspired me to follow my own heart when I knew I needed to step into the front row of my own career.

The Benefits of the Front Row

Too many of us become comfortable sitting in the “cheap seats” watching others up front and wishing we had a better view. We forget that our seat is actually a choice. How so? Let me explain:

  1. Moving up front comes at a cost.We know the best seats in the house cost more. So does moving up in your career. You’ve got to put in some extra effort. To make a change, you’ll have to make some compromises and adjustments. Those good seats have benefits – are you willing to do what it takes to get there?
  2. Moving up front means stepping out of your comfort zone.If you want to move up and get a better seat in your career, you’ve got to stand up! That’s the first step. It means you have to take some action. You may have to squeeze through, and perhaps make others around you adjust in their seats. And that’s okay. Are you staying put because you don’t want to stand out or cause a bit of discomfort? Really? Have you ever considered that your move could serve as an example to others of what they could do?

The Front Row Factor

If you’re a podcast person and you’re looking for some inspiration on how to step into the front row of your life, whether it’s in your work, your relationships, or how you serve others, I’d encourage you to check out The Front Row Factor. Jon has an amazing conversational style and his guests talk about everything from overcoming adversity to parenting, leadership, fitness, and entrepreneurship. And even careers 🙂

Here’s a link to my recent conversation with Jon where I share more ideas on how you can step into the front row of your career:

Cheers to your career!


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