Over the last 18 months I’ve done quite a few (20+) podcasts. These conversations have ranged from the specific (how to articulate our skills in an interview) to the broad (what’s the future of work and the impact of the “Great Resignation”).

One of the best parts of these interviews has been the chance to meet some inspiring coaches and share best practices. I’ve also discovered that by answering questions and sitting on the “hot seat” myself, I’m actually gaining even more clarity on so many job search issues.

That was the case in my most recent conversation with Denise Matthews, a former executive recruiter and current career coach in England. Here’s a link to the interview. Here are a few moments you may want to check out:

  • 6:20 – The itch to make a move, and why we get in our own way
  • 13:36 – Where to start your job search
  • 15:00 – An example of how to identify your transferable skills
  • 23:52 – Answering “Tell Me About Yourself…”
If you’d like more guidance in an array of career topics and podcasts are your jam, you can check out more of my interviews here.

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