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I’ll let you in on something… I’m having trouble keeping my energy up these days. Still, I know that high emotional energy is vital to doing my job well, and it’s critical to sustaining your enthusiasm for your search as well. So, we have to work on it. Here’s an idea that helps me turn up the energy when I need it.

Be of service.

What? Am I actually suggesting that when your search seems to be hitting a brick wall, when you are feeling at your lowest of lows, you go out and do something. Yes I am. In fact, it’s essential to the ultimate success of your job search. There is psychology to back me up. It turns out that volunteering, helping, and being kind to others helps us live longer and better lives. Imagine you’ve been job hunting for months (maybe you don’t have to imagine). You’re discouraged and beginning to wonder if the problem is you (probably not true). You find yourself saying things like “nobody’s hiring” (definitely not true), and “what am I doing wrong?” (good question). What are the chances that your emotional energy, even just reading those last few sentences, is plummeting? Enthusiasm and energy are key components to landing the job you want. If you are following my logic here, it only makes sense to engage in those activities that will bring your emotional energy up, even when you really don’t feel like it. In addition to feeling better and improved health, there are other benefits of volunteering and performing acts of kindness for others:

  1. Leaders volunteer. Imagine who you might meet at that Habitat for Humanity build?
  2. Sustained volunteer activity can fill a gap on your resume. You’ll have something to say if asked what you’ve been doing with your time.
  3. You can build new skills. Organizations will let volunteers try all sorts of things, and many of them will train you to help!

Not sure where to start? The PowerOf connects volunteers with local needs. Or check out Idealist. You are needed. You matter. And, I promise, things will get better. If it turns out you’ve been asking yourself “what am I doing wrong?” and feel like you could use some professional insight, please reach out and schedule an appointment, no charge, no commitment. I’m here.

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