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The Best GIFT Ever

A New Job for the New Year!


The best gift you could give yourself
(or someone
you love!)

in 2019 are tools to find a new job

Good for you!  I know it was hard to click that button and have the confidence to finally say “Now is the time!” 

So, let’s get you out there and back on the market! I can help ensure you are working smart to land a job you want in an environment where you can thrive.

(Hint: online job boards are the wrong place to start)

How it Works

We’ll begin by looking at your professional brand and making any necessary changes to your resume and LinkedIn profile.

How you present yourself needs to be consistent and tell the same story – from your resume, and LinkedIn, to social media –

and it all needs to work together to showcase your very best self!

The holiday package includes some of my most popular services outlined here:

Resume Review

LinkedIn Review

Two one-on-one
coaching sessions

Plus, as part of this special
holiday gift package,
you’ll also get my eBook

How to Get Out of a Career Rut

Chock full of the best tips,
tricks and strategies to make a job change.

It includes the key to responding to the question “Tell me about yourself…” in a way that will grab attention and interest. And, you’ll find out how to connect with people in the best position to help you with your job search and what to say to them.

With this information, who knows – you may even stop dreading networking and actually begin to look forward to it!  

Cheers to a terrific 2019!

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Sarah Baker Andrus has 20+ years of experience on every side of the recruiting process.
She worked as a career counselor early in her career. Then she led corporate recruitment for Vector Marketing (a $250 million sales organization) and served in hiring roles for her own teams there and as a vice president of Dove Chocolate Discoveries, a division of Mars, Inc. 
She teaches her approach at the University of Delaware, and she’s spoken about it from the TEDx stage. This means you get insider info where it counts.