In recent weeks I’ve really been enjoying the nature that is right outside my door. One thing that’s striking is the emergence of new creatures, and their impact on the environment. This includes two beavers who have taken up residence in one of our local ponds.

I first noticed them swimming in the pond in early spring after the ice had melted. As spring turned into summer, I noticed that they were constructing quite a home for themselves. It’s a feat of design and they are always at work on it.

It made me think of my own home and the need to attend to all manner of upkeep – or suffer the consequences!

It’s the same with your career. Do you have those cozy feelings of “home” in your current role? It’s so wonderful isn’t it? But, just like those beavers and their dam, a career takes maintenance and regular attention.

Here are 3 things you can do right now – consider them preventative insurance – to keep your position at work strong:

  1. Attend to Key Relationships: Who are your champions at work? Reach out and say “thank you.”
  2. Update a Skill. What’s something you’ve been meaning to learn? A new piece of technology challenging you? Do not fall behind. Now is the time to get up to speed on the platforms and software your business relies on, even if it’s not absolutely required for your work.
  3. See something, do something. Find something that you know needs to be done and do it. Not because you expect accolades, and not because somebody asked you to. Just do it. And then do something else. Make yourself indispensable.

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