Have you been getting a lot of phone screens lately, or perhaps random recruiters are reaching out to you on LinkedIn?

If so, you are in very good company. So many people, people who aren’t even involved in an active job search, are telling me that they are hearing from recruiters, and it’s feeling like borderline harassment.

And, even those who are job hunting are getting ridiculous pressure from recruiters. Pressure to make themselves available on a dime, pressure to make a decision on an offer immediately, and questions that fall clearly into the category of “none of your business,” when they turn down a role.

Then there are the recruiters who are ill-prepared, have no details about the job, and sound like they are reading from a script. (They probably are.)

What the heck is going on out there? Well, with so many jobs going unfilled, recruiting functions are overwhelmed. They’ve been hiring new recruiters like mad because they can’t keep up. Which means that person on the other end of the phone probably hasn’t been in their job very long.

What can we do about this? We can take control. Here are a few ideas:

  • Do not ever take a pre-screening call that you don’t have on your calendar. Don’t answer the phone. Yes, it could be a recruiter. If they are any good, they will leave a message and they will respect your schedule.
  • Get the recruiter’s full name. ALWAYS. Check them out on LinkedIn. How long have they been in their current role? If it’s a few months, be prepared, and be patient. You’ll probably need to help them with their job when it comes to getting all of the details you need.
  • Get an email so you can follow-up. Don’t be surprised if you never get a response.
  • Speak to other people at the company. Don’t let a poorly trained or disrespectful recruiter stand between you and a role you want.

Finally, remember this maxim: The way you are treated in the recruiting process is a reflection of how you will be treated at that company.

Cheers to your careers!


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