How much time are you spending on LinkedIn? If you’d asked me to answer that question a while back, I would have answered “not enough!”

LinkedIn is an important platform for my business and a good way to share my expertise directly with people who need career advice. Still, until recently, I was letting the automated software post my messages and going on only occasionally when I was helping my clients with their profiles.


I noticed that after a few minutes on my LinkedIn newsfeed I felt AWFUL. 


I felt like a LOSER

I felt ASHAMED of how my profile and my activity compared with my peers

I felt instantly BURDENED by a pressure to be more and do more.

Objectively I know all those things are untrue. Still, that’s how I often feel.

Do you feel that way when you go on LinkedIn? Do you compare yourself to your peers and feel like you fall short somehow?

LinkedIn is social media, and we know that multiple studies have found a strong link between social media and an increased risk for depression and anxiety.

Yet, it’s a critical tool in your job search, just like it’s a critical tool for my business. So, I want to share with you how I manage it and keep the emotions at bay:

  1. Go on with a clear purpose, and then sign off. One day that might be an original post, another it might be checking and commenting on posts from people and companies you follow.
  2. Limit your time. Prepare any posts off-line, then you can get on and off quickly. Set a timer as a safe-guard.
  3. Look at others’ profiles as research. Ask yourself, “What can I learn from this? What could I borrow?” There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Like how someone else presents themselves? If it’s true and authentic about you, make it your own.
  4. Check in with your gut. If you notice you are beginning to feel awful, ask yourself if you’ve accomplished what you needed to do for the day. Are you doom-scrolling or getting work done. Finish what you must, and leave.
If you feel like you need some help, check out my e-Book “How to Use LinkedIn to Land the Job You Want.” Cheers to your career!

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