“I’m in denial.” I’m realizing that this has been a common refrain of mine lately, and it’s unusual. I’m semi-aware that there are things I could be addressing, but it just feels better in the moment to ignore them.

What am I in denial about? A lot! Ukraine, COVID, inflation and the economy, issues with family and friends, you name it.

For me, I’m noticing that much of this comes from sheer exhaustion and legitimate worry about things that are completely out of my control. In these cases, generally speaking, I believe in a good healthy dose of denial. It keeps me going, keeps me in a positive mindset, and allows me to focus on areas where I can have an impact.

At the same time, I’m noticing that I need to distinguish between denial that is useful and denial that is damaging. If I allow myself to turn away from a problem, am I taking care of myself? Maybe. Or, maybe am I missing an opportunity to actually have an impact on the situation.

The difference is important because denial can also be dangerous. It can lull us into a false sense of security, and keep us from recognizing problems that we could avoid if we looked at them with eyes wide open.

This certainly was once the case with my career, and I’ve been reminded of that lately. Ironically, our careers are actually one area where we often have significantly MORE power than we think. And, often we don’t exercise our control over our career, because we are in denial. 

If you recognize yourself in that – I completely understand! Maybe it’s time to take control over something you can actually influence?

Just a thought…

Cheers to your career!


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