This morning I was taking a walk with a friend, along our usual route which is a lovely trail that passes by our local library, a dog park, through woods, and past a pond. 

I don’t think I’d be exaggerating to say we have walked this trail hundreds – maybe even a thousand times. Here we are, within a mile of our homes, covering territory that is hardly new to us. Yet, it’s not unusual for us to see something completely unexpected. 

Today it was turtles. Lots of them. When we first looked at the pond it looked foggy and lifeless, there was a heavy, hot and grey humidity in the air. Then all of a sudden a pretty large turtle popped up and disturbed the surface of the water. And, with that our focus became keener and we saw turtles everywhere!

I wonder how it might impact your look for work if you looked hyper-locally, the way that we took a fresh look at that pond. 

What if you mapped a 2-3 mile radius from your home and looked at it on Google Maps?
How many businesses might you find?

Sure, you’ll see the big ones first and think, oh, I know about them…But what else might you see if you adjusted your focus and zoomed in? 

I’m just saying that instead of spending a few hours on job boards, you might take a different approach and look more closely where you have control. Maybe even hop in your car and drive around. Park and look at the directories in office buildings, or outdoor signs? Note places of interest and check them out online when you get back home. 

These smaller businesses, I guarantee they are not advertising on job boards right now. But that’s not the only way to find a job. Reach out, make a call. You’ve got nothing to lose!


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