There’s a big job hunting mistake I see people make these days and it’s making me nuts!

This one is right up there with restricting your job hunting process to clicking “apply” on online job postings (Here’s why that’s a total waste of your time – Frustrated with Online Job Boards?). Or failing to do your research before an interview. Or not following up afterwards.

Have you seen the movie He’s Not That Into You? That’s what I’m talking about. Believing in that one, singular opportunity, despite the fact your affection may not be reciprocated.

This Job Hunting Mistake WILL Come Back to Bite You

In case you haven’t seen it, the people in the movie keep pining after people who just aren’t that into them. And it leads to embarrassment, awkward feelings, and wasted time.

I’m seeing this same mistake with job hunters. It seems like once the candidate finds a job she really wants, and the employer pays her the slightest bit of attention – say, she’s invited for a phone screen – she’s all in! And almost immediately, everything else she had going in her job search comes to a screeching halt. Back to the dating analogy, she deletes her dating apps and puts all her hopes and dreams on this one job.

Why You MUST Keep Looking

“Is it possible that you’re counting on GSM coming through?” I asked Lisa when she seemed to have stalled in her job search efforts.

“Well, yeah, I mean I don’t want to trouble my contacts or apply for anything else when I might not be available…” she responded. As though to continue her search would be leading someone on when she had no commitment from this other side!

Can I just say this is ridiculous? And, I suspect it is not entirely honest. What’s honest and true is that job hunting can suck. It can suck the life out of us. And, it’s hard to sustain the energy that an active job search requires. So of course – yes, it’s tempting to relax and back off at the mere glimmer of a prospect! But you can’t.

You must keep looking, keep reaching out, keep networking, keep applying, and keep it going. If you don’t you will surely and quickly lose momentum.

You’re not finished until you’ve got the offer letter in hand, you’ve filled out your paperwork, and gotten your drug test done, or any other requirement the company has for you to walk in the front door and get your ID.

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