Are you engaged in a job search? If so, you know the mind-numbing routine of checking job boards for new postings. You are familiar with the soul-sucking process of filling out online applications. You may have some practice revising your resume and cover letter to match some mysterious “key word” algorithm. And, I’m willing to bet you have felt deafening silence after you carefully check all of your details and hit “submit,” crossing your fingers and toes that maybe, just maybe, you’ll hear back this time.  These are the typical activities of someone who is looking for work.  It can be exhausting, but at least it feels like you’re doing something, right?

Over time, though, the satisfaction of doing “something” is overwhelmed by reality.  This is not working.  It’s not working because the job search, as defined above, is dead.  “Dead, dead, dead,” in the words of John Cleese in Monty Python’s Flying Circus.  Don’t know it?  Check it out here. You’ll be laughing within 2 seconds – and we all know that anyone who is looking for work could use a good laugh!

Monster was Purchased

Did you know that Randstad, the Netherlands-based human resources consulting firm, purchased in August 2016?   At one point Monster,the early pioneer in internet-based job boards, was valued at over $80 per share.  The recent sale price of $429 million represented just $3.40 per share.  Yikes!  So, one has to ask just what does this mean about job search as we know it?

It means it’s dead and people on both sides of the process – recruiters and job hunters alike – have known for quite a while that internet-based job boards and online application systems are failing us.  We have too many unqualified applicants, overwhelming and inhumane processes, and dysfunctional technology. As a result, what we have is a “hidden” job market.  This means that 85% of job openings are never posted at all! (See the LinkedIn survey results here)

Yes! Help me find a better job!

So, you may ask, how are people finding jobs?  Networking.  Letting others know that you are looking for something new.  Asking for help.  Recognizing a need and offering to be of service. Basically stuff that makes us humans really uncomfortable, especially if we are new to it. Networking.  I can hear you sigh. Ugh.

There is Good News

But listen up: Job hunting really, really is dead.  The days of sitting alone at your laptop and persuading yourself that you are actively engaged in a job search are over. The truth is that you never were – actively engaged in a job search, that is.  It was all a big lie we were telling ourselves.

The good news is that this is actually GOOD News.  Now, you will have much more control over your future.  Your new challenge is to identify how you can be of service, and who needs your help. That will require more than just a few meaningful conversations with other people, but I know you can do it.  Need some tips?  Check out my video here.

Go make friends!