“But I’ve been looking forever! I’m doing everything I can think of in my job search, and I still haven’t been able to find a new job.”  

How many times have I heard this? Plenty.

If you’ve been engaged in an active job search, it’s completely reasonable to eventually expect some interest, right? Perhaps you’ve been applying, but haven’t gotten any interviews. Or maybe you’ve had a few initial phone screens and interviews and then radio silence. You feel like you’ve been ghosted.

There can be any number of reasons your job search isn’t working, and this week I’ve compiled the best information out there for you on what may be happening. Check out these resources and see if you can diagnose the problem. If you have any trouble, or still don’t see a connection, get in touch. You can schedule a complimentary call with me here.

Here Are a Few Reasons Why Your Job Search Isn’t Working

1. Your Methods: Want to know if the strategies you’re using to get your application out there are the wrong ones? Check out this Forbes article:

Four Reasons Your Job Search Isn’t Working (Forbes, September 2017)

2. Your Mindset: It’s quite possible your attitude is sabotaging your efforts. CNBC has the insight:

6 Reasons You Won’t Find a New Job Anytime Soon (CNBC, February 2017)

3. Your Industry Fit. If you work in tech and your job search is going nowhere, DICE – a popular job board for the tech industry – has some thoughts on that:

The Real Reasons You Can’t Find a Job in Tech (DICE, February 2017)

4. You. And, sadly, there may actually be things you’re doing that are flat out wrong and about your approach. Sorry.  

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Could Any of These be Why You Can’t Find a Job?

See if you recognize yourself in any of these real life examples from my days in a hiring role:

Her cell phone rang during the interview. She reached in her pocket, looked at the caller ID and said, “I need to take this, I’ll just be a sec…” and proceeded to make beach plans for the weekend. Then, she hung up and said “Sorry, that was important…” So is MY time – Bye!

He arrived early and looked very sharp and professional. The interviews were running about 30 minutes late, which happens sometimes. He spent that time harassing the receptionist and huffing and puffing about how rude we were to keep him waiting. Did he think we wouldn’t find out?

Oops, didn’t allow enough time and arrived 15 minutes late for her interview. Sorry, guess you’ll have to sell yourself in half the time allotted!

What’s that smell? You try sitting behind a closed door in a small office with a young man who bathed in aftershave. Yuck!

After a sincere effort on the interviewer’s part to learn more about the candidate’s great experience, it became clear that she had embellished her resume. It started with her glassy-eyed stare when asked about the most difficult supervisory experience she’s faced, and ended with her leaving the office in tears. Don’t lie.

The GOOD news is that there’s something you can do about nearly all of these explanations if you are committed and put your mind to it. Most of these circumstances are under your control!

Now, it’s just up to you to take a different approach, adopt a new mindset, or get some support if you need it.

Happy hunting!