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FREE Master Class with Sarah Baker Andrus
The UGLY TRUTH About Job Hunting…

...and the less-stress, time-saving 
way to Beat the System
and Land the Job of your dreams!
In an online world it only makes sense to look for and apply for jobs online right?
LinkedIn research tells us that 85% of the people who found new jobs last year found them through a real life connection.

And, finding job openings is just one of the tasks in a  successful job search. But most of us aren’t even aware of the other pieces. 

Here’s just one example: “What are the latest interviewing trends and how do I prepare myself to stand out as the best candidate?”  

Whether you are desperate to get out of your present situation or are thinking proactively and looking for your next – better – move up, this training will make the search easier, more effective…
And shorten the time it takes!
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FREE master class REVEALS:
The Ugly Truth About Job Hunting
and how to find the right job in less time with less stress 
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What we'll cover in this FREE Master Class: 

Why NOW is the best time to make a change

How you can find a new job, even if right this minute you don’t know exactly what you want

How to uncover real job openings without wasting time and energy on job boards

The TRUTH about why you apply, and apply, and never hear back

How to ID your skills and talk about them confidently without bragging

The best way to reach people who can help you in your search without being “annoying”

The most common mistake people make when starting a job search and what to do instead
Sarah Baker Andrus has 20+ years of experience on every side of the recruiting process – she’s been a career counselor. 

She’s led corporate recruitment for Vector Marketing (a $250 million sales organization) and served in hiring roles for her own teams there and as a vice president of Dove Chocolate Discoveries, a division of Mars, Inc. 

She teaches her approach at the University of Delaware, and she’s spoken about it from the TEDx stage. This means you get insider info where it counts. 
This is for you if:
  •  You KNOW you are qualified to do MORE and be paid MORE
  •  You are tired of scrolling through job boards and getting discouraged
  •  You’ve emailed more than your share of resumes with nothing to show for it
  •  You’re out of work, been looking for longer than you care to admit, and things are not looking good
  •  You think it’s time for a change and want to be sure you get the right fit for you this time around
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