Monday, October 16th is National Boss’s Day!  We thought this would be a terrific opportunity to show your boss how much you appreciate her or him, and are grateful for your boss’s guidance and leadership!

By showing your support and gratitude, it is also a wonderful opportunity to leverage your relationship with your boss.  This gives you a chance to build or nurture your relationship to help ensure that she or he is your advocate or champion whether you are interested in growing and advancing within your company or even making a move outside your company’s walls.  

So, think of something meaningful that you can do or share with your boss.  What does she or he like?  What are your boss’s passions?  Does your boss have a family?  A long or short commute?  Are they a practical person or someone who would get a kick out of something silly and frivolous?  Have some fun but put some thought into it and use this opportunity to create a valuable connection.

And, lastly, if you are having trouble coming up with why to feel grateful to your boss on National Boss’s Day and don’t feel like your boss is your champion at work, then perhaps consider giving Avarah Careers a call.  Life’s too short.  Avarah Careers can help you figure out how to improve your existing work environment and position, or even make a change if you decide that is the right move for you.  If your boss isn’t serving as your advocate and sponsor, then let’s talk!

Here are some great gift ideas that we found online!  Plus, homemade baked goods or a lovely bottle of wine or scotch depending on what your boss likes to drink are always welcomed and thoughtful gifts on this day!

Happy shopping and if you ARE the boss, don’t peek!  You may be receiving one of these great items!

Subscription to Audible

Decision Maker and Paper Weight

“A Truly Great Boss is hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget”
Printable Quote (instant download)

Work/Life Balance Keychain

Road to Success Paperweight

BOSE Earphones

Eye Glasses Holder

Mr. Coffee® Mug Warmer


Words Cubed

The Official Filthy Rich Handbook

Leather Business Card Holder – Comes in a Variety of Colors and Styles

A Charitable Donation in Your Boss’s Name
(to a charity that you know they care about)