Summer is the perfect time to network and take advantage of all the BBQs and pool parties with family and friends – the people who care about you and your happiness the most! Not only do you get to enjoy great company and great food, but it’s a chance for you to explore potential opportunities with your existing contacts and create new ones.

Many folks feel that networking is intimidating or quite honestly, they dread it. But, if you are prepared, you’ll find you’ll be much more comfortable with it. And, the casual social gatherings of the summer will also make it easier for you to work your magic!

Networking is a fact of life and I do it a lot. I was reminded recently that it’s easy – and dangerous – to get lazy about it. I was on my way to a networking event when I got a wake up call about the importance of preparation.

And that’s when I came up with a networking hack I just have to tell you about. So I recorded the video below just for you.

I hope it’s helpful! Let me know what you think by commenting on my Facebook page!

Cheers to your success!