Is it getting a bit cooler outside? Are the leaves starting to fall (or whatever happens to foliage in the Fall where you live)? If so, you can be sure on-campus recruiters from companies that are hiring are right around the corner. In fact, maybe they’ve already started to arrive on your campus. That means they will be doing interviews for new graduates they want to bring on next spring. They will also be looking for interns, and they will be at career fairs ready to talk to all students – not just seniors. So my question for you is: Are you ready for this?.

If you are a senior, contact your career center TODAY and ask these questions:

  1. What companies are coming on campus to do interviews?
  2. How do I sign up for an interview slot for those that interest me?
  3. Do I have to meet specific major, course, or GPA requirements? (Heads up underclassmen!)
  4. What are my options if I don’t meet the qualifications?

Scared out of your wits you aren’t qualified? Of course you are. Don’t let that stop you! Find out now so you can plan your strategy and get the help you need.

Not a senior? You can take advantage of the recruiting season too. Visit the campus career center (or their website) find out about Career Fairs. Pay special attention to whether your school has separate fairs for internships or specific majors.

Some students dismiss Career Fairs because they assume they’ll just get lost in the crowd, or their resume will be one of hundreds collected. You’re not that foolish person! Here’s how to use a career fair to your advantage, even if you are a freshman:

  1. Use it to motivate you to write a resumé. Bring plenty of resumés with you
  2. Dress professionally (great way to find out you don’t have the right shoes/shirt/tie/etc., and you’ll get them before you have a real interview!)
  3. Ask ANY questions you want! Like “what skills or experience are you looking for?” “Do you offer summer internships?” “What pay range can I expect in this field?” “Do you ever hire in (fill in wherever you want to live)?” “I see you’re hiring marketing majors. Who should I contact to find out about opportunities in human resources?”
  4. And here’s the best question, especially if you’re an underclassman and you’re really interested in a specific company: Would you take a look at my resume? What would you suggest I do between now and my senior year so that I would be a great hire for your organization when I graduate?” Now, take that advice and follow it!