(Updated 12/8/2020)

Giving is human. Think about the youngest children you know and you’ll remember a time when they offered you some precious, drooly French fry, or a toy they wanted you to have. Being generous really does come naturally!  

Regardless of our individual holiday traditions there are several things we hold in common during this season. Giving gifts is just one of them. Light, flame, and brightness are a theme of celebrations in the northern hemisphere as we seek ways to fend off the dark, dreary and cold days of winter. There are also shared themes of peace, love, and hope we can all agree on!

Giving Yourself A Gift

When I was in a dark period just after I had been laid off from my “dream job” and I was caring for my father as he was dying, a good friend of mine asked me a question. He said, “What are you looking forward to?” (If you are unemployed or underemployed and dreading the holidays, check this out – “Looking for Work During the holidays is Hard”). When I couldn’t think of anything and started to well up a bit, he offered some great advice that I have followed to this day. The advice? ”Always have something on your calendar to look forward to, big or small, it will keep you going. Make it your gift to yourself.”  This advice has sustained me through the years since then and made a huge difference when things are difficult.

While you are making your list and choosing gifts that will delight your friends and loved ones – could you add something in there for yourself? Maybe you are like many of my clients who are hanging on in a job so you can get your end-of-year bonus? If you are, pay yourself FIRST! Whether it’s a few extra bucks for some cozy, work-from-home clothes, or a splurge on a new gadget that will bring you joy, don’t miss this opportunity to add YOU to your list.