Season Of Giving - Avarah Careers

Giving is human. Think about the youngest children you know and you’ll remember a time when they offered you some precious, drooly French fry, or a toy they wanted you to have. Being generous really does come naturally!  

I know I love giving gifts, and I’ve got one for you down below, so keep reading.

I rip wrapping paper off – just take me to the gift!

Regardless of our individual holiday traditions there are several things we hold in common during this season. Giving gifts is just one of them. Light, flame, and brightness are a theme of celebrations in the northern hemisphere as we seek ways to fend off the dark, dreary and cold days of winter. There are also shared themes of peace, love, and hope we can all agree on!

Giving Yourself A Gift

When I was in a dark period a few years ago just after I had been laid off from my “dream job” and I was caring for my father as he was dying, a good friend of mine asked me a question. He said, “What are you looking forward to?” (If you are unemployed or underemployed and dreading the holidays, check this out – “Looking for Work During the holidays is Hard”). When I couldn’t think of anything and started to well up a bit, he offered some great advice that I have followed to this day. The advice? ”Always have something on your calendar to look forward to, big or small, it will keep you going. Make it your gift to yourself.”

I can’t stand it – what’s my gift?

So, I’m happy to say, I have three things coming up on my calendar right now that have sustained me through some of the busiest, most challenging months I’ve had in my business. These past few months have been great for Avarah Careers, and mostly fun. Still when the stretches of twelve hour days began to take their toll, I had some things on the books and they kept me going strong.

While you are making your list and choosing gifts that will delight your friends and loved ones – could you add something in there for yourself? Maybe you are like many of my clients who are hanging on in a job so you can get your end-of-year bonus? If you are, pay yourself FIRST! Whether it’s a few extra bucks for dinner and a movie, or a splurge for a quick getaway that will refresh and restore you, don’t miss this opportunity to add YOU to your list.

Here’s Your Gift

If you’ve been unhappy at work, and you really are just hanging in there for your bonus, maybe the best gift you could give yourself is a new job for 2018? This is a great time to get ready for a job search so you can hit the ground running in January. To help you out, as my holiday gift to you, I’m offering 20{4a5ad76f65b30f840b7cce0bd60a9460fa539274379d86674e661d46b250fd7a} off all of my services if you sign a contract and submit a deposit by December 24th.

I’ve also created a special “New Job for the New Year” package designed especially for this time of year and featuring some of my most popular services. New Job for the New Year includes:

1.  Resume update
2.  LinkedIn Review
3.  Birkman Assessment to help you focus on a great job fit
4.  My ebook, “Redefining Networking”
5.  Three one-on-one coaching sessions

“New Job for the New Year”

This is a $1200 value, and until December 24th, you can make this investment in your future for $945. I’ve made room in my schedule to do this for 10 people.  If you’ve been reading my blog and following me for a while, you know I’m not a salesy person, and I rarely discount my services. I believe they are very fairly priced and people recognize the value of working with me.  

So what changed my mind this time? You. I have heard from so many of you saying, “I don’t know how much longer I can take it…” or “I have to hang in there until…” Fill in the blank. These are just excuses coming from:

1.  A lack of confidence
2.  Fear of change
3.  Not knowing what to do

Well, these are tough things to overcome alone!  I can help you knock out all three of these excuses and get you on track to land a job that’s a great fit. I’ve made it super-affordable. So, snap out of it! Stop it with the excuses and let me help.

You deserve something truly meaningful, really life-changing. Something you can genuinely look forward to in 2018. Give yourself the gift of a new job.

For more information and to save your spot on my calendar for 2018, email me directly at and put “New Job for the New Year” in the subject line. I will follow up personally and get you started.