Untapped capacity, under paid, laid off, starting over, or called to go in a different direction; whatever the reason you are looking, navigating today’s job market is challenging. And often, we add unnecessary stress.

We question our qualifications.

We procrastinate.

We are become paralyzed by “what ifs.” Or we make assumptions that are simply untrue.

A smart and directed career strategy will significantly enhance your long-term income and job satisfaction. And, the good news is help is a call away. And, unlike many career coaching options and online support, Avarah clients work with me, personally.

If you don’t know your next move, you’re not alone. Working with me, you’ll get proven strategies and expert guidance.That means you will always have my 20+ years of experience guiding our sessions not a junior coach or advisor. My approach is tailored to you. I adjust to your needs as we move along and as I get to know you better. This also means that I accept only a limited number of clients so that I can give each of you the highest quality of service and attention.

Your first consultation with me is always free. During this 30 minute conversation—which follows a brief questionnaire–we’ll review your situation and what you are looking for. If we feel there’s a good fit, we’ll discuss my services in detail and my fees. Below are examples of the services I offer.

If you don’t see something that feels like a fit we should talk. It’s hard to know what your ideal solution will be and you’ve got enough on your mind. Let me help you decide.

Just-in-Time Interview Preparation

You’ve got the interview, congratulations. Now what? Can you speak confidently about your qualifications and what makes you the best candidate? If not, instead of scrambling and guessing at how to prepare, why not reach out and get some help?

Now, unlike our other services, interview preparation is offered on an hourly basis and can often be completed on short notice. Our goal is to help you approach the interview with confidence, and to accomplish that we will focus on:

  • The best way to answer even the most difficult questions and highlight how your skills and abilities are a match for the employer’s needs
  • How to discuss your background and experience in a way that’s engaging
  • Achieving a balance between confidence, bragging, and humility
  • Addressing any part of your story that deserves explaining, such as employment gaps, lay-offs, educational background, etc.
  • Leading with your strengths and preparing to address any weaknesses and how you can compensate for missing qualifications
  • How to determine if there is a fit between your needs and what the employer is offering through asking targeted questions.

This service is designed to make sure you are exceptionally well-prepared to make a great impression so that you clearly stand out as the best candidate for the job.

These appointments book quickly. For fees and to book an appointment, click here.

All of the services below (excluding Interview Preparation) include the following:

  • Strategic coaching sessions
  • Access to the full Birkman assessment and a personalized analysis of your results.
  • Coaching on the use of LinkedIn, networking, and “informational interviewing”
  • Targeted resume creation and cover letter strategies.
  • Support throughout the job search process with everything from post-interview debriefs, to managing the nerves and doubts that can come with making a change
  • Accountability, encouragement and a mirror when you need it.

To schedule your consultation, click here. You will receive an immediate confirmation of my availability and instructions for connecting with me. Thanks to technology, I’m able to work with people around the globe.

Established Professional

This service is designed for individuals who have achieved a level of mastery in their field, have taken on increased responsibility, and are looking to take their career to the next level. Maybe you see an opportunity on the horizon, or you want to get out ahead of your peers due to industry trends or an unpredictable business climate. Perhaps you sense you could be doing more, and you know you could be earning more. It’s time to make a move.

This is also a good option for people, regardless of age, who find themselves needing to get out of a toxic environment, or those who find themselves stalled in their career advancement.

In addition to the general services noted above, the components of this package include:

  • Identification and framing of personal brand
  • Crafting stories – how did you get where you are, what have you achieved and how can you demonstrate your value to your next employer
  • Industry/role analysis and decision-making
  • Guidance on tapping into existing networks and identifying key relationships to pursue
  • Targeted employer approaches
  • Mastering the interview
  • Follow up and negotiation strategies

This package is normally completed in 4-6 months. Month to month extensions are available.

If you know you need a guide – Don’t wait!

Young Professionals

These services are designed for young professionals who – with one or two jobs out of school – know more about what they want and realize their current position isn’t it. Or they may want to transfer their skills to a related field. This is an especially good choice for you if you suspect you’ve chosen the wrong employer, industry, or role after college.

In addition to the services above, the components of this package include:

  • Assessment of your accomplishments and development of key messages to highlight your skills, capacities, and the personal characteristics you bring to your work
  • You will be able to confidently articulate what you bring to the employer
  • Identification of any perceived deficiencies, and work with fears and obstacles to progress
  • Networking strategies to help you build and sustain relationships with people who will be your advocates in your search.
  • Application strategies that get you in front of hiring managers

This package is designed to be completed in 3-4 months. A month to month extension is available, along with onboarding support once you land your new position.

Students/New Grads

This package is designed for new professionals who want to ensure they land well in their first post-graduate career role. The focus of our work together is to find a good fit that matches your style, strengths, and career interests with an organization where you can grow personally and professionally.

In addition to the general services noted above, the components of this package include:

  • Building a new network of professional resources
  • Preparing for effective networking and informational interviews
  • Developing confidence and focus
  • Understanding the job search process, opportunities and danger zones
  • Practicing interview techniques and answers to situational/behavioral questions
  • Assistance with the many issues that can arise in the transition from student to working adult

This work generally is completed within 2-4 months, with month to month extensions available.

If you know you need a guide – Don’t wait!

Returning Professionals

(Stay-at-home parents, people affected by layoffs, etc)

As the title implies, this package is especially for people who have been out of the workforce for some period of time, voluntarily or involuntarily. These clients often struggle with self-doubt about their qualifications, concerns over skills that may be stale, and uncertainty about what their next steps are. We work together to address these concerns and make sure you are well prepared to succeed in reentering the workplace.

In addition to the general services noted above, the components of this package include:

  • Identifying the best path for re-entry
  • Crafting the story of your absence in a way that you can deliver with confidence and credibility
  • Establishing your portfolio of skills, abilities, and traits that make you the best candidate for the job you want
  • Methods and scripts for reconnecting with your professional network and building new connections
  • Navigating the sometimes challenging transition to new responsibilities while maintaining a functional work-life integration

This work is generally completed within 3-6 months, with month to month extensions available.

To schedule your free 30 minute consultation with Sarah, click here.

Why Birkman?

After years of being introduced to and using the most common assessments–each of which has value–I chose to become a Certified Birkman Coach as I believe the Birkman Method provides the deepest and most comprehensive insights for growth and career focus.

Equally important, once you have landed in a role that’s a great fit, the insights provided by The Birkman Method will help you interact effectively with others, manage challenges, and take advantage of opportunities you encounter on the job.