“Job hunt during the holidays? Isn’t that just going to be a waste of my time?”

Good question, and NO, it is not going to be a waste of your time. In fact, there is very little around a job search, other than blindly applying for jobs online with no plan, that is ever a true waste of your time.

In fact there are many good reasons not only to continue your job hunt over these next several weeks, but to accelerate it and pick up your pace. These last few weeks of the year offer a lot of opportunity to do meaningful work that will support your search for the job you want. Most important, you definitely want to keep your job hunt going strong so you don’t lose momentum. And, you’ll be that much more prepared for January when many companies recruit for new jobs. The holidays give us two valuable opportunities to do that: Time for research, and time for connection.

Support Your Job Hunt with Research

With some down time over the holidays, why not spend a few hours exploring specific companies where you might like to work? Check out their websites and look at LinkedIn and see who you might connect with who works there. A Google news search can be a great way to get up to date on trends and new opportunities – maybe you’ll discover that a company is expanding in your area, or has just opened up a new subsidiary. You can find a lot of hints and tips other job hunters may overlook!

You can also do some deep dives into organizations where you’ve submitted applications.  Who might you know who works there? Is there someone who could give you an introduction? LinkedIn is great for this. Which leads me to the second thing you can do right now.

Support Your Job Hunt During the Holidays with Strategic Networking

Job hunting, done right, involves cultivating relationships. And the holidays offer a perfect time to connect and reconnect with people.

This can be a great time to schedule a networking lunch or a cup of coffee with a former colleague. Not everyone is traveling at this time of year! Lots of people take time off when their children are out of school and guess what? Your invitation for coffee or lunch may be just what they are looking for to step out of the house for a moment!

And, while it’s not true in all industries (e.g. finance and hospitality) schedules at work for many of us lighten up at this time of year.

Who might help you in your job hunt?

Just about anyone! The good news about this time of year is that parties and family gatherings often put us in places with people we haven’t seen in awhile. Take some time to think about questions like the ones below and make a list.

  • Who do I know who works at ____________(name of an employer you’re interested in)?
  • Who is a __________ (career role you’d like to explore)?
  • Who knows someone in __________ (industry you’re interested in)?

Even a single name can be helpful because they will often suggest others you can meet (especially if you ask!). Worried you don’t want to monopolize someone’s time at a social event? Even better, have a brief conversation, and suggest that you schedule a separate time to get together for a one-on-one meeting.  

What should I say about my job hunt?

“Please don’t ask me, please don’t ask me…”  I can remember repeating this in my mind several years ago during the holidays. I had been laid off and I was dreading an upcoming family gathering where I could be pretty certain people would ask me about my job hunt.

Sure enough, the question came, “So, how’s the job hunt going?” Here’s what I learned: You can dread it OR you can prepare for it. Had I prepared as I’ve suggested above, I would have known who I wanted to connect with and I would have been ready for the conversation. That was a lost opportunity, but it only happened once.

The next chance I had at a social gathering, I was prepared with a statement about my search and what I was looking for. It was brief and to the point. Most important, I included a pivot to ask each person a question that would open, not close, the conversation and create an opportunity for further discussion.

If all of this is daunting or makes you want to throw up – I get it! That’s why I’m offering a special holiday career coaching package.

“New Job for the New Year”

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