It’s not yet noon and it is already turning into “one of those days!” Well, not really, but it feels like it could.

Unless I’m careful… I’ve just encountered one of the most frustrating onboarding systems I’ve ever dealt with and I am reminding myself to breathe…

I was involved in onboarding for several of my students selected for a prestigious internship at a major bank. It’s unusual; most of the time the students and the employer take care of the process. But this employer is different.

Which has given me the chance to get an insider’s view – and I’m appalled. Imagine a system so complicated that it requires a User’s Guide and a training manual? Imagine a system so accustomed to confusion that it sends a daily tracking sheet?

This is the sort of insanity that comes when you take humans out of the equation and try to get “efficient” by using artificial intelligence which is the opposite – both real and ignorant. Can I talk to someone to help out my students? Nope.

I’d heard reports from clients that the onboarding process was cumbersome, time-consuming and even inhumane. Well, I’ve pulled back the curtain and seen it for myself. It’s awful.

If you are a hiring manager, if you work in HR, please, please please, do better! If you are a job hunter who has just accepted an offer, congratulations! Be forewarned – and try not to let the onboarding process interfere with your excitement. Try …

Cheers to your career!

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