Are you undervaluing your skills or taking them for granted?

My guess is that there’s a good chance the answer is “yes,” because when something is easy for us, we tend to diminish what it takes to do it. I’ll take it to an extreme to illustrate my point with the following:


Funny, right? I sure see lots of embellishments like this on resumes! And, I also see the opposite: A complete failure to recognize what it took to achieve what feels to you like no accomplishment at all.

So, let’s consider the case of changing a lightbulb as an example to make my point. Here are just a few skills and characteristics that someone who has never seen a lightbulb, or seen one go out, would demonstrate in changing it:

  • Recognize that light is shining and appreciating that (alert presence, gratitude).
  • Notice when the light goes out (attention).
  • Wonder “How can I get that light back on?” (ownership, responsibility, problem solving).
  • Examine the fixture and discover the bulb can be unscrewed (hands-on, curiosity, investigation, confidence).
  • Imagine the lightbulb could be replaced with a new one (critical thinking).
  • Reach out to someone who might know about light bulbs to confirm the hypothesis (resourceful, bold, communications).
  • Follow up to source and purchase lightbulbs at a price within budget (research, follow-through, fiscal responsibility).
  • Replace lightbulb and test to see if it works (take a project from beginning to end, quality assurance).

Skills this person demonstrated (skills are what we DO):

Attention to detail, problem-solving, investigation, critical thinking, resourcefulness, communication, research, follow-through, fiscal responsibility, project management, quality assurance.

Characteristics of this person (characteristics are who we ARE):

Grateful, present, responsible, confident, bold

Can you see, even from this absurd example, that you may be missing the chance to highlight what you bring to a potential employer? If you find yourself thinking that an outsider’s view might help you identify your skills and characteristics, I’d be happy to help. You can schedule a complimentary appointment to chat about your needs here.

Cheers to your career!


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