If you’re like me, for the last several weeks you’ve been itching for SUMMER. The long weekends, the vacation time with friends and family. Maybe you’ll find time to read that list of books you’ve been compiling, or do that project that you keep putting off. Maybe it’s even time to think about a new job.

These ideas feel so fresh, new and exciting in June!, So why is it that so many of us never do with our summers what we imagine we will? Why do we wind up in September looking back and wondering where the time went?  

The answer, dear friends, is inertia. Inertia’s formal definition comes from physics. It is “a property of matter by which it continues in its existing state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line, unless that state is changed by an external force.” (Emphasis mine).

How Does Inertia Apply to My Job?

Inertia is more than a law of physics, we see it everywhere in our lives. Think about it…it’s like a commute to and from work. We go the same way unless there’s been an incident that makes us reroute our path. The same is true for our careers.

You know what else is true? Those who are able to successfully thwart inertia and kick it aside are those who are most likely to find success in their careers. Look at people who are “getting ahead” these days are those who are taking what the rest of us perceive as risks. They are stepping outside of their comfort zone and demonstrating the ability to make change without anyone or anything demanding they do so. No layoff  or crisis required.

So who do you want to be? You can be the person who makes the most of this summer and carves out the time now to make sure there are no September regrets. You can be the person who leaves a job that’s no longer serves, and get on to something better on your own terms.

Here’s your kick in the pants – read that book, visit those friends, have fun in the sun that lights up your soul! Maybe now is the time to make a job change too – and if you need some help, I’d love to chat! Schedule your complimentary consultation here.

Happy Hunting!