“I’ve been applying to 100s of jobs, and I still haven’t gotten an interview!”

It’s so frustrating! And, if you’ve been assuming that you’re the problem, or your resume is the problem, or your skills are the problem, I’ve got good news. That’s not it. 

The truth can be found in some critical data points. When you put these facts together, you get a far more accurate picture of what is happening in the job search process and how to adapt to it.

 #1: According to CNBC, 70% of jobs are never published publicly. That means they are not posting on a public job board like LinkedIn, Indeed, CareerBuilder etc. 

 #2: On average, companies receive over 200 applications per posted open role in the first few weeks after posting.

#3: Research has consistently shown (since 2018) that 85% of jobs are filled through networking and personal connections.

#4 LinkedIn reports that early applicants have a significant advantage over those who apply later, even if the position is still officially “open.”

So, if you put this all together, here are a few key things you can do immediately to increase your chances of an interview and an offer:

  • Use a targeted employer approach and build your own “job board” that includes links to every company’s career page (where they are legally required to post openings if they have more than 50 employees)
  • Begin networking and making connections with 3-5 people at each of your target employers.
  • Apply as soon as you see the opening. Be prepared with everything you need to do that (resume, cover letter), do not ever bookmark or save the job for later, unless later means later today.

 Not comfortable with these steps or don’t know where to start? I can help. Schedule a consultation here)

Cheers to your career!


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