When my children were little we started a ritual every Friday night on the Jewish Sabbath. After we lit the candles and said the blessings, we would go around the table and each of us would share something we were thankful for. It was such a peaceful moment and gave us space to let go of our troubles and instead remember something that made us happy.

Depending on the week, it could be really hard, especially when there was a tragedy or some very difficult news. But my husband and I knew that we were setting an example for our children, so we dug deep and found something.  

I wrote our responses down and over the years we’ve amassed a pile of journals full of everything from “I’m thankful for Pokemon,” to “I’m thankful for my time with Grandpa before he died.” Nearly 25 years of things to be thankful are recorded in those journals. Now that our children are grown, we share our “thankfuls” in a group chat every Friday night. And I still record them in a journal for safe keeping.

It’s my belief that this ritual has a transformative power. It could capture a toddler’s attention, and turn a teenager’s frown upside-down, if only for a moment! It definitely helped our family see the glass half-full and taught our children to appreciate the little things.

Make Your Own “Grateful” List

In this season of Thanksgiving, I think we can all take pause and consider “What are we thankful for?” Here are just some of the things that make my list:

1.  A thriving business with a great support team (shout out to Stefie, Keith and our newest addition – Jeannie!)

2.  Clients who inspire me to do and be my best

3.  A husband and partner who believes in me and everything I want to accomplish with Avarah Careers

4.  Two sons who make me look good every single day, and are willing to tolerate a mother who just can’t help but offer advice and coaching, even when it’s unsolicited

5.  A wonderful community of friends, colleagues, and cheerleaders whose kind words and actions make the tough days easier.

And, I count you, dear reader, among the many things for which I am grateful. Just knowing that I am putting these words down and you are choosing to read them is a remarkable feeling. I truly appreciate YOU.

I’m curious, when you think about what you are grateful for, what comes to mind? Maybe you have a wonderful boss or you love your co-workers? Perhaps you’re grateful for a short commute? Or maybe you love what you do? Let me know in the comments!

If it’s difficult to come up with something, go to the smaller wonders. Someone smiled at you today, I’m sure of it! If it’s still a struggle, reach out and let me know. If there should be more things to be grateful for at work, I may be able to help.

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

P.S. Check out this song from Brotha James – an amazing guy and good friend – for some catchy, very grateful inspiration