What is standing between you and getting the job you want?

I hear a lot of answers to that question, like:

I need to update my resume, and I just haven’t gotten to it…

I’m confused by all of the LinkedIn features, and I’m afraid my boss/co-workers will see I’m looking for work…

Nobody’s hiring and I don’t want to waste my time…

I know I should be networking, but I don’t want to bother people…

Here’s what I can tell you…

Most of the time, the resume isn’t the problem. Your worries about external issues like the economy, or your boss finding out? Those can be handled.

The problem is that you have other priorities, which is fine.

LinkedIn has security and privacy features that can ensure that your changes are not announced to the world. Most things you need to do to update your profile can be done in a few hours.

Yes, hiring is down, but that’s not true across all industries. Many companies are still hiring.

As to networking, that’s how 85% of people are finding jobs right now. It’s not a bother for most of us and it’s working.

Bottom line: Most of the things we tell ourselves about a job search are not necessarily the real issue.

More often than not, the issue runs deeper. Our fears. Our doubts. Our priorities. A lack of clarity.

Job hunting is hard. It triggers all of our insecurities. It demands change. It requires work and decision making that often makes us uncomfortable. You have to decide it’s a priority. That’s the truth.

Look that in the face, get clear, get support and some accountability, and everything else will take care of itself. That support and accountability part? That’s what I do!  Schedule a complimentary chat to learn more about my services here.

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