Untapped capacity

underpaid, laid off, starting over, or called to go in a different direction?

untapped capacity


My approach is tailored to you.

In our very first conversation (which is complementary), we’ll chat about your immediate goal and what you need to do to get there. For some people that’s as simple as some professional packaging and interview prep. Others need more in depth work to decide what’s next and a strategy on how to get there. 

I work with a number of people – just like you – with various career needs. If you don’t see something that feels like a fit we should talk. Job hunting can be complicated and it fraught with obstacles we don’t see when we get started. I can help.


Do you know you could be doing more and earning more? Or maybe your career has stalled, or you just need to make a change? I’ve got you covered.  


These services are designed for young professionals who thought they knew what they wanted out of college. And now, well, it hasn’t worked out the way you hoped. You can make a change!



Find a good fit that matches your style, strengths, and career interests with an organization where you can grow personally and professionally.



Especially for people who have been out of the workforce for some period of time, voluntarily or involuntarily.


Can you speak confidently about your qualifications and what makes you the best candidate?



Don’t delay! Let’s talk. You’ll get proven strategies and expert advice. Schedule a complimentary call now.


Do any of these sound familiar?


“It's so hard to keep going into work every day - the culture is toxic - I have to talk myself out of the car and into the building every morning”


“It was a lay-off. So why do I feel like I was fired?”


“I haven’t looked for a new job in years – I don’t even know where to start!”


“Why did we invest so much money in her education when she can’t find a job that uses her skills?”

These are just some of the things I hear from my clients when we talk for the first time. While their circumstances are different, there is one thing they have in common...

They are looking for more than just a job.

FAQs About Hiring A Career Coach

What does a career coach do?
The best career coaches help you figure out what careers/jobs will be a great fit, and offer practical guidance on how to get yourself in front of hiring managers. They help you identify and overcome mental obstacles and barriers that are holding you back. They provide timely suggestions, best practices, and strategies to plan and execute a search that will help you land the job you want.
Why should I hire a career coach?
Perhaps the most common reason people hire a career coach is because they are not getting results on their own. A coach will help you diagnose why not, and offer strategies that have been proven to work. A career coach can be great when you don’t know what path to take and you want to make sure your next role is a good fit. At Avarah, we also work with clients who want to make a career jump, they know they could be doing more and earning more. Career coaches are also very useful if your interview skills are rusty, or you need help with networking.
Why can’t I do this on my own?
You can. And it will be harder and take longer. A good job search (meaning one that lands you in a role where you can thrive) takes strategy and planning. Too often we start working with clients who’ve been trying on their own for months, only to miss opportunities and connections because they were not using the best approach.
I like the comfort of applying for jobs online, can’t I just keep doing that?
NO! Check out some of my previous blogs such as “Frustrated with Online Job Boards?” or “An Online Job Search Won’t Work, Do This Instead.
What should I look for in a career coach?
The best career coaches offer a combination of skills and experience.  These should, at a minimum, include education/certifications in the use of career assessment tools, experience in hiring/HR roles, and a proven system that has helped clients achieve their desired goals.

Have a question that wasn’t covered here today?

I started Avarah Careers because I recognized the need for a service like this – at every stage of life. If you’re going it alone and not getting the results you want, I may be able to help. Contact me at sarah@avarahcareers.com!



How long have you been doing this work?

You want someone with a combined education/experience > 3 years


What type of tools and strategies do you use?

You’re looking for specifics, names of assessments, exercises, etc. Listen for a process.


How long does this process normally take?

Run fast from anyone who makes claims here like “Within X days – Guaranteed!” Every client is different and the time frame varies widely based on career choice, experience level, and other factors. Expect to hear a range from reputable coaches. E.g. “Most of my clients land well within X-Y…”


How much work will I be doing on my own?

You want to hear about homework, expectations, # of hours.


What support can I expect outside of our formal coaching calls?

The answer will depend on fees and the coach’s style. This is a case where you get what you pay for. If you want last minute interview coaching, or on the spot help negotiating competing offers, etc., you will pay for that and it will be worth it to land the job or say, increase your starting salary by 15%.


What services do you provide?

Coaches offer everything from interview coaching to networking strategies, tailored job search plans and much more. For Avarah’s services, click here. To learn more about Sarah, click here.


What are your fees?

These are going to be based on the specific services you require. After a conversation to determine your needs, a reputable coach will provide you with their fees and covered services in writing so that you can make an educated decision about how to proceed.