All across the US this past week, children got out their school clothes, smiled for the requisite social media pic, and headed to their 1st day of school. I remember “Back to school” as a chance to reinvent myself and start over.

In fact, I still love the fresh start September offers, and we took that a bit further here at Avarah and created a new web site! We’re all dressed up and hope you like our new look!

Reinventing Your Brand

When I was thinking about this blog I went back to see when I announced the change of our business name to Avarah Careers. It was almost exactly a year ago – September 3rd, 2017. So much has happened since then – and I couldn’t be more grateful. But one thing I continue to struggle with – maybe you do too – is the incredible power of resistance. Even with the name change last year, I’ve resisted bringing the Avarah brand into full form.

I’d been content with baby-steps. And baby-steps didn’t help me step fully into the power of the work I do or how I want to serve others.

How Can You Reinvent Yourself?

I see a parallel between my reluctance to rebrand my website – my most public presence – and what I see my clients doing in their own career reinvention.

What I really needed was a website overhaul, but what I did for months was a tweak here, and an update there. Kind of like Janet who began the process of updating her resume before we started working together, but never quite finished.

Or Steve who reached out to a few folks about his interest in making a job change but hadn’t followed up.

What I know is that there is extraordinary power in our resistance to change. I wrote about it in that September 3, 2017 blog (you can get some advice for overcoming it here.)

What got me through the incredible minutiae and overwhelm of redesigning and rebranding the website was simple and can be applied to your job search.

I’m not saying it was easy, but it only involved TWO things that made all the difference. First, I made a plan and I stuck to it. Second, I knew I couldn’t do it alone, so I brought in expert help.

I’m thrilled with the result, and I know I got it done way faster and with far less stress than I would have experienced if I had continued with my piecemeal, random effort on my own.

If you’re stalling in your search, or taking baby-steps and know you could reinvent yourself in a new job – don’t wait. Make a plan, and get some help.

If I can help, let me know. Email me at