A career rut can be tough to spot. Most of us are so busy with work and family that we operate on autopilot and rarely ask ourselves, “How’s this going?” It may even seem ridiculous during a pandemic when you’re feeling grateful to have any job at all. 

The truth is though, this could also be the BEST time to ask yourself if you might want to make a change. Yes, perhaps you’ll stay exactly where you are right now, that makes sense! But, you can also use this time to consider and prepare for a move – when we all come up for air – that will lead to a much more satisfying career. 

That begins with considering “Is this what I want to be doing?” 

If this feels like a privilege and asking yourself questions like “Am I doing what I want to be doing?” makes you feel guilty, snap out of it! Take a few minutes right here – I promise you won’t regret it – to consider this.

If your day is filled with routine tasks you can do with your eyes closed and your hands behind your back you may be in a career rut. Yes, it’s good to be a subject matter expert. But it’s not so good to stop learning. Ask yourself this, “Do I have X years of experience? Or do I have 1 year of experience doing the same thing for X years?”

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